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The archaeological work began on a small scale in the s.

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Bell was the first archaeologist to conduct extensive research on Sigiriya. Archaeological work began on the entire city for the first time under this project.

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There was a sculpted lion's head above the legs and paws flanking the entrance, to this fort, unfortunately the head collapsed years ago. Sigiriya consists of an ancient citadel built by King Kashyapa during the 5th century. The Sigiriya site contains the ruins of an upper palace located on the flat top of the rock, a mid-level terrace that includes the Lion Gate and the mirror wall with its frescoes. The lower palaces, are located behind the lavish lower gardens, with moats and ramparts which protected the citadel.

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The site was both a palace and a fortress. The plan combined concepts of symmetry and asymmetry to intentionally interlock the man-made geometrical and natural forms of the surroundings. The south contains a man-made reservoir; these were extensively used from the previous capital of the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Five gates were placed at entrances. The more elaborate western gate is thought to have been reserved for the royals.

The upper palace on the top of the rock includes cisterns cut into the rock. The paintings would have covered most of the western face of the rock, an area meters long and 40 meters high. There are references in the graffiti to ladies in these paintings. However, most have been lost forever. More frescoes, different from those on the rock face, can be seen elsewhere, for example on the ceiling of the location called the "Cobra Hood Cave".

Although the frescoes are classified as in the Anuradhapura period, the painting style is considered unique;, the eczema meaning in tamil and style of application of the paintings differing from Anuradhapura paintings. The lines are painted in a form which enhances the sense of volume of the figures. The paint has been applied in sweeping strokes, using more pressure on one side, giving the effect of a deeper color tone towards the edge. Other paintings of the Anuradhapura period contain similar approaches to painting, but do not have the sketchy lines of the Sigiriya style, having a distinct artists' boundary line.

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The true identity of the ladies in these paintings still have not been confirmed. There are various ideas about their identity. Some believe that they are the ladies of the king's while others think that they are women taking part in religious observances. These pictures have a close resemblance to paintings seen in the Ajanta caves in India. Made of brick masonry and covered in highly polished white plaster.

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The wall is now partially covered with verses scribbled by visitors, some of them dating from as early as the 8th century. People of all types wrote on the wall, on varying subjects such as love, irony, and experiences of all sorts. Further writing on the mirror wall now has been hogyan lehet eltávolítani a vörös foltokat a szájzugokban for the protection of the old writings.

One such poem from these long-past centuries, roughly translated from Sinhala, is: One of the writers wrote: "I am Budal. Came with hundreds of people to see Sigiriya. Since all the others wrote poems, I did not! These gardens of the Sigiriya citadel are one of the most important aspects of the site, as it is among the oldest landscaped gardens in the world, these gardens are divided into three distinct but linked forms: Water, Cave Boulder, Terraced Garden.

The Water Gardens can be seen in the central section of the western precinct. Three principal gardens are found here. The first garden consists of a plot surrounded by water.

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It is connected to the main precinct using four causeways, with gateways placed at the head of each causeway. This garden is built according to an ancient garden form, known as char bagh, and is one of the oldest surviving models of this form. Fountains made of circular limestone plates are placed here. Two large islands are located on either side of the second water garden.

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Summer palaces are built on the flattened surfaces of these islands. Two more islands are located farther to the north and the south. These islands are built in a manner similar to the island in the first water garden.

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The water gardens can be seen in the central section of the western precinct. This garden is built according to an ancient garden form known as char bagh, and is one of the oldest surviving models of this form.

Fountains are made of circular limestone plates and placed here. Underground water conduits supply water to these fountains which are still functional, especially during the rainy season. It contains a large, octagonal eczema meaning in tamil with a raised podium on its northeast corner.

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The large brick and stone wall of the citadel is on the eastern edge of this garden. The water gardens are built symmetrically on an east-west axis.

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They are connected with the outer moat on the west and the large artificial lake to the south of the Sigiriya rock. All the pools are also interlinked using an underground conduit network fed by the lake, and connected to the moats.

A miniature water garden is located to the west of the first water garden, consisting of several small pools and watercourses. This recently discovered smaller garden appears to have been built after the Kashyapan period, possibly between the 10th and 13th centuries. The boulder gardens consist of several large boulders linked by winding pathways. The gardens extend from the northern slopes to the eczema meaning in tamil slopes of the hills at the foot of Sigiriya Rock.

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Most of these boulders had a building or pavilion upon them; there are cuttings that were used as footings for brick walls and beams, these beams were used, to be pushed off from the top to attack enemies when they approached. A series of terraces rises from the pathways of the boulder garden to the staircases on the rock. These have been created by the construction of brick walls, and are located in a roughly concentric plan around the rock.

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The path through the terraced gardens is formed by a limestone staircase. From this staircase, there is a covered path on the side of the rock, leading to the uppermost terrace where the lion staircase is situated.

This amazing fortress and palace rock has been the location for some of the scenes from the music video for the single "Save a Prayer" by Duran Duran were filmed at the top of Sigiriya. Clarke, although Clarke changed the name to Yakkagala Demon Rock in his book. Sigiriya is Mentioned as Dream City in T. This rock is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning.

Last but not least, the people of Sri Lanka, although always independent from India, their inhabitants came from India.